When it comes to dealing with real estate agents, most people will only go through the process of selling their home a handful of times in their life. Choosing the right agent can be a daunting task, but the difference between a good agent and a bad agent can be tens of thousands of dollars.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right agent. Do they know the local market, are they a great communicator, do they have a great reputation, what commission do they charge?

I’m going to throw one more factor into the mix – does your potential agent understand and believe in the value of home staging? Because it’s more important than you might think.

I realise this is going to sound like a self-serving thing to say, and I’m obviously biased. But I’m hoping I can convince you using ACTUAL DATA, that having an agent who not only believes in the value of home staging but recommends a professional home stager regularly as part of their marketing campaign, leads to a better sales result.

As a professional home staging company, we’ve staged over 500 properties and worked with around 150 different agents. And the difference between those agents with regards to their opinion on home staging is vast. On one end of the scale we have agents who rarely work with a home stager, and it was the vendor who engaged us to stage their property. At the other end of scale, we have agents who stage ALL their listings.

As ‘The Numbers Guy’ behind Foxy Home Staging (seriously, that’s the title on my business card), I’ve analysed the sales results of the 500+ properties we’ve staged and compared that to how regularly each agent uses home staging.

Because one thing I’m absolutely convinced of is that home staging works, but when you partner a great home stager with a great agent who not only believes in home staging but understands how to use it, the results are even better. And it’s clear that our data backs that up.

Breaking the agents and sales results into three groups, there is a clear pattern:

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Group 1 – Our Number 1 Agent; the one we work with most regularly (over 100 properties staged), and who recommends home staging to 100% of their vendors.

Group 2 – The Top 10 Agents we work with regularly.

Group 3 – All other agents we’ve worked with, some only once or very infrequently.

The results for us have been very clear. The one agent who uses us the most to stage their listings, is also our most successful when it comes to achieving a sale. And as you move towards Group 3, the results start to decline.

Remember, the staging is consistent across all 500+ properties.  The only difference is the agent, and the frequency at which they recommend professional staging. I’m not trying to prove whether home staging works or not (to do that I’d need to compare the results of properties that weren’t staged). Instead, I’m saying that the agent you use will influence how successful the home staging can be.

So next time you’re choosing an agent to sell your property, make sure you ask them for their opinion on home staging and how it should be used to market your property.

Home staging works, but when you partner a great home stager with a great agent, the results are even better.

– Jake Shorter



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