It’s that time of the week again. In this week’s edition of The Real Estate Life we chat with Nicole Navarro, Principal at Achieve Real Estate. Referred to as a ‘solutions-focused property expert’ by her clients, Nicole’s negotiation skill, communication and professionalism have evolved during her career in real estate. Her love and passion for real estate shine throughout our chat and it’s amazing to listen to where life has taken her so far!

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I started by asking Nicole what is something that most people don’t know about you…..

Tough question. Perhaps that in my past life, before property sales and setting up my boutique agency, Achieve Real Estate, I was a magazine editor and journalist for Australian Property Investor magazine, a communications specialist, I styled and directed photo shoots for BoysTown luxury prize homes and coordinated their campaigns. Or maybe that I lived in Spain for over a year – learned the language and married a Spaniard, or worked as a stewardess on luxury motoryachts between southern Florida and the Bahamas. Life’s been diverse, colourful and exciting!

What does your typical day look like?

Busy, but rewarding! Dropping kids off to school then straight into appointments, meeting fabulous new sellers and buyers, phone calls, planning and property campaign coordination. Some days you’ll find me pounding the streets delivering property campaign brochures – I thoroughly enjoy these days!

Tell us your favourite story of a sale you were involved with

One of my most recent sales was a million-dollar property in Ashgrove, which the seller had been renovating for the past 20 years. Finally it was finished! I was hands on from the start, ushering in stylists for quoting, providing tips and advice on final driveway colour, shower curtains, bookshelf (we removed it!) and personally styling the kids’ cubby house with pieces from my kids’ bedrooms. The dusk photos and campaign was flawless and consequently over three open home inspections there were 26 groups through, 2 offers were negotiated and the best offer ended up almost $50k over list price. The sellers were thrilled and invited me to their family and friends’ celebration party. They truly did embrace me into their family and insisted on including me in their family photo that night. All round a very special, heartwarming and memorable experience.

What do you think is the most frustrating trait a vendor can have?

When they hang around for the open home inspection or watch from afar. Or they’re simply just late in leaving the property no matter how I gently escort them out. It’s happened only a couple of times. One of my seller’s lived across from a church. He’d sit in the rose garden, behind a rose bush, where buyers couldn’t see him but he could see buyers. He was a quirky one!

If you had the ability to fix one thing in the industry, what would it be?

I’d introduce a regulation that required all sellers to have a build and pest inspection undertaken before they put their property on the market. I can’t stress enough the importance of this to my sellers. When it comes to the negotiation it results in a more solid contract.

What is the most common advice you give to home sellers?

To have their build and pest report undertaken for buyer disclosure and to imagine their property through a buyer’s eyes – what will help add appeal to their property? Increasing street appeal and interior styling go a long way.

When you walk into a home for the first time, what makes you relax and think that the sale will be an easy one?

When I see it fully styled and gorgeous!

What role does luck play in attracting the right buyers?

No role. I don’t believe in luck but strategy.

Do you think that social media has potential in advertising property sales?

Yes, to an extent. Naturally, I think the wider your network travels, the more exposure your properties and brand achieve.

What gets you excited?

Presenting a brilliant offer to my sellers, and able to demonstrate to them how hard and high I negotiated for them.


Thanks to Nicole for sharing her story!

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