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It’s time for the next installment in our Stylist Spotlight series, and this time you’ll be meeting Kirsten! Kirsten has been part of the team since earlier this year and brings a great amount of joy and laughter to the Foxy HQ. She’s fun to be around, always making people laugh, and so happy to give everyone a helping hand.  

Prior to starting here at Foxy, Kirsten had no styling experience, so when you see the work she’s producing now you’ll be blown away! From small inner-city units to multi-million dollar homes in Brisbane’s most prestigious suburbs, Kirsten is staging a wide range of properties and helping homeowners to achieve a fantastic sale outcome.

Keep reading to find out more and get to know Kirsten!

Kirsten (Feature Photo)

1. How long have you been at Foxy and what did you do before starting here?

I’ve been at Foxy since the start of April. Before that I worked for the Government in administration for 6 months, and prior to that I was working at Woolworths as a Manager.

2. What do you remember about your beginnings at Foxy?

Kirsten: When I first started I remember being really sore after work everyday because it was so hard.

*Everyone in the room starts laughing*

Laura: So active hahah.

Kirsten: And I remember having a lamp shade on my lap everyday sitting in Cassie’s car driving to and from jobs.

*Laughter erupts again*

Laura: That’s hilarious!

3. What’s your favourite style?

Kirsten: I would have to say coastal or traditional Queenslander. 

Laura: Why do you like them?

Kirsten: I just love Queenslander homes – I love doing those ones because I think they’ve got a lot of character. I also love the coast and beach houses, so I really like the coastal look as well. 

Coastal Style
Queenslander Style

4. What’s your favourite decoration?

Kirsten: My favourite decoration would be vases or coffee table books.

Laura: Vases with flowers or greenery in them?

Kirsten: Yeah, with greenery. 

5. Which bed that you’ve styled has been your favourite?

Probably the master room at the big house I styled in Red Hill back when I first started doing installs. It was a really nice blue and white one. I really liked doing that one.

Master Bed - Red Hill

6. Which living room is your favourite to date?

I did one recently at Brookwater in a new build. That turned out really nice. It had a fireplace and everything in it. 

7. Which is your least favourite room to style and why?

Maybe a study, because there’s not a lot you can do with it. It’s just usually art and some stuff on a desk, whereas in other rooms you can do a lot more with them. 

8. What has been your biggest fail?

Kirsten: My biggest fail would possibly be the time I read the quote wrong and had to go back to the same job on three different occasions to return a bed each time.

Laura: Oh no!

*Laughter erupts, even though it definitely wouldn’t have been a laughing matter at the time*

9. What’s your biggest win?

Kirsten: It would probably be that same Red Hill property I mentioned earlier. It was a really big one for me to do when I was just starting out and it sold just four days after going on the market for $2 million.

Laura: Wow! That’s awesome!

Click HERE to see the real estate listing.

10. What is your funniest moment?

Kirsten: My funniest moment has got to be behind the scenes…

*We both start chuckling*

Kirsten: When you kept trying to ask me what we were unpacking for Instagram stories, and I just kept saying ‘art’ over and over again. 

*We start laughing hard at this point*

Laura: Omg that was so funny! 

Kirsten: It took a lot of takes.

Laura: It did. Like 5, maybe?

Kristen: Yeah hahahaha… soon after we had media training to teach us how to talk to a camera

*We’re almost crying with laughter by this point… it was a hilarious moment!*

Laura: *reenacting the moment* 

              “What are you doing? 

              “Unboxing some art. 

              “Oh yeah, what kind of art? 

              “Just some art”

Kirsten: “Just some art!”

(See the video below to see what we’re referring to)

11. After work I spend my time…

Kirsten: Training my dog or just chilling out, just relaxing after a long day running around.

Laura: Cool! What dog do you have?

Kirsten: A Rottweiler.

Laura: CUTE!

Kirsten: Yeah, it’s just a puppy!

Laura: Awww! Girl or boy?

Kirsten: Girl!

Laura: What’s her name?

Kirsten: Torvi. 


12. I spend my weekends…

Kirsten: In summer, going to the beach, hanging out with friends, just relaxing. 

Laura: In winter? Hibernating?

Kirsten: Yep!

*Both start laughing*

Kirsten: Eating a lot of food.

Thanks for reading!

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