The days are about to start getting longer and the weather warmer which can only mean one thing… spring is just around the corner and we are about to get busy (or should I say busier!). As the sun shines a little brighter, the grass gets a little greener and the flowers start to bloom, people will soon be more inclined to get out and about – the ideal situation for those wanting to sell their home because, as Phoebe puts it, “everything is shinier in spring”! This increased interest homeowners show in selling their home as the weather warms up makes spring the busiest season for the real estate industry, so let’s talk about how we’re preparing for what will (hopefully) be our busiest season yet!


It’s safe to say that the way we are preparing for spring this year looks very different to five years ago when we experienced our first spring since starting Foxy. As we approached the busy season in the first couple of years in business, Foxy was much smaller in every aspect, from the team to stock and everything in between. At the start, preparations occurred as jobs were locked in throughout the season. Phoebe and Jake would purchase the stock and accessories they needed to complete installs as they came and then used the profits from each job to reinvest into the next property. No real preparation occurred ahead of the spring months. 

Nowadays, preparing for spring looks drastically different! As Foxy grew, after a couple of years the business’ financial position meant Phoebe and Jake had the ability to prepare for the busy spring months well in advance. So what does preparing for spring look like now? Keep reading to find out!

Evolution of Preparing for Spring


Purchasing an abundance of new stock in anticipation for a big increase in the number of installs we complete throughout spring is one of the main ways we are preparing for our busy season. By purchasing new furniture, linen and accessories in advance and having them ready to go in our warehouse, it means we have the stock required to complete more installs as they come in. 

Given spring begins just two months after the end of the financial year, buying new stock also doubles as a tax-write off, but this hasn’t always been the case. Although it makes the most sense for us to invest in new stock before July 1st, having the ability to do this is something we’ve grown into as the business grew. As more years pass since Foxy’s inception, the more Jake and Phoebe can be deliberate about purchasing new stock at this time of year so everything is ready to go when it’s needed.


In the same way we are intentional about purchasing new stock in advance, Phoebe and Jake also hire more staff members ahead of the spring months in anticipation of the need for a bigger team throughout the busy season and beyond. By hiring early, it means that new employees will have a thorough understanding of the day-to-day operations of Foxy and will be fully trained before spring. This allows them to be fully immersed in their role when they’re needed, rather than be just another set of hands on site or in the warehouse. 

When starting out, hiring new staff members in advance is difficult to execute due to the lack of available funds, but since Foxy’s growth, having the ability to pre-empt the need for more employees means we’re ready to go by the time spring rolls around.


Part of preparing for spring and setting ourselves up for success is putting goals and incentives in place for accountability purposes. This year, our goal is to complete 500 installs in 5 months, which means the upcoming spring months are set to be our busiest ones yet. It’s a big target and it’s going to push the team, so to reward everyone and give them something to work towards, Phoebe and Jake have announced the Foxy Vacay for the second year in a row – a three night holiday at Peppers Resort in Noosa (see a snippet of last year’s Vacay by watching the video to the right, or below on a mobile device). By putting this incentive in place, it not only encourages everyone to work hard across the board, but it also aims to keep that positive attitude, enthusiasm, and great team culture going throughout the busy period.

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