Okay, just before we be-Gin (sorry about the lousy pun, it was a pour decision… ok I’ll stop), let’s answer some questions about this topic that we are pretty sure you have.

  1. Why on earth is alcohol displayed in homes for sale?
  2. And most importantly… can I have some?

One of the ideas behind the concept of home staging is to create an illusion of the dream lifestyle. People who walk through the open home need to be able to envision themselves living there, but not just to their regular everyday life… their best life.

Creating a space congruent with the homebuyers’ view of their ideal lifestyle is paramount for creating the emotional connection required to “seal the deal”. Simply put, home stagers’ mission is to choose decorations that will resonate with the targeted demographic of buyers.

Oh and the answer to question 2?

You’re more than welcome to try some, but expect to be disappointed. Most of the alcohol bottles have long been used for their intended purpose by our team members (outside of working hours, of course*). If there is any liquid inside it’s likely water or tea.

*excluding Fridays, birthdays, Christmas parties, or any other days ending with “y”

What Alcohol to Choose Based on the Demographic of Buyers?

In most cases, we have a pretty clear idea on who’s likely going to purchase the home, long before we even step a foot inside. Based on the location, type of the house and the expected price point, we’re able to identify one or two expected groups of buyers.

Based on this information, we make all our furniture & decorations selections, making sure it will appeal to that specific demographic.


simple wine setting

Investors or First Home Buyers

spirits or cocktail setting

Downsizers or Older Demographic

wine setting or expensive liquor setting

Wine Glass

red wine glass has a larger, rounder bowl and white wine glass has a smaller mouth area

Tumbler Glass

a solid base glass that looks great displayed with all types of liquor (safe bet!)

Snifter Glass

this glass has a short stem, perfect for brown spirits such as brandy or whiskey

Individual decorative items for an alcohol spread:

  • Tray or Cutting Board
  • Alcohol Bottle + Glasses
  • Decanter (TIP: they are guaranteed to create a luxe, high-end look)
  • Tea towel or Napkin
  • Vase + Greenery
  • Cookbook or Magazine
  • Fake Fruit (grapes, lime, lemon…)

The best places to display liquor at home:

  • Kitchen bench
  • Buffet
  • Bar
  • Dining table
  • Bar cart

Thanks for reading!

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