If you have an older style home and you are pondering whether you should have it professionally staged before putting it on the market, read on – this article is perfect for you.

Let’s address this very common misconception that styling a house for sale is only for the ‘pretty’ properties.

Yes, when the house has a beautiful, high-end, contemporary architecture – staging is the cherry on top. It completes the look and contributes to the overall, aesthetically pleasing finish.

The houses that benefit the most from engaging professional home staging services are the older style, well-loved properties.

picture of a traditional post-war home built in the 1940's

When it comes to styling traditional Queenslanders or post-war homes, it is not about creating a pretty picture. It’s about showcasing functionality and potential, while taking the attention away from the ‘less desirable features’ of the house (scuff marks, outdated fixtures, old paint job, etc.).

Not quite convinced yet? We’ve narrowed it down to six main reasons for why you should consider home staging before putting your property on the market.

6 Benefits of Staging a Traditional Home

1. Increase the Brightness

Older homes are known for their lack of natural light. It’s usually a combination of a limited ceiling wiring, dim-light pendants and traditional stained-glass windows.

As professional Home Stagers, it’s our job to brighten up any dark rooms to create a fresher, cleaner and a more contemporary look. This is achieved by:

  • Using cool-white lightbulbs
  • Incorporating more lamps into our styling (table lamps, floor lamps, etc.)
  • Bringing in furniture that reflects natural light (glass-top surfaces, etc.)
  • Decorating with mirrors and light-coloured artwork
  • Using light-coloured furniture (white or beige sofas, oak instead of walnut, etc.)
glass top dining table with four chairs around, pictures in a traditional house with green walls

2. Simplify Tricky Layouts

Thoroughfare rooms, multiple doorways, multifunctional sunrooms or awkwardly positioned timber pillars are just a few of the difficult layouts people struggle with, when it comes to furnishing an older home.

The trick lays in choosing the right-sized furniture and positioning it in a way that works with the layout.

This way the buyers will be able to see the potential of the space instead of seeing it as a disadvantage. It also gives them an idea of how they could place their own furniture to make the most of the space.

3. Staging Instead of Renovating

“To renovate or not to renovate” is one of the first conversations to be held with your Real Estate Agent. For older homes – more often than not the Return on Investment is simply not high enough to justify repainting and/or recarpeting. In simple terms, you would spend more money than you are likely to receive from the sale.

This is when staging can help distract from the flaws and other ‘love marks’, which are not uncommon for properties that have housed multiple generations.

For example, scuff marks on the floor in high-traffic areas will be less obvious by hanging an artwork on the wall, keeping the buyers’ eyes up and off the floor.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not trying to hide or mask anything, nor do we want to “trick” the buyers into purchasing a property with covered damages.

Let’s address the difference in buyers’ impressions of the house, if it was to remain vacant for the open day. Empty rooms with nothing to look at will literally draw their eyes to all the imperfections. With the addition of furniture and decorations, the buyers are more likely to see past the flaws or realise they are not as obvious when the home is furnished.

4. Modernise The House

Blending traditional architecture with contemporary furnishings is guaranteed to create a unique and dynamic interior. The secret lies in creating the perfect contrast between two different eras, which is not an easy task even for the more experienced Property Stylists.

living room with stained glass windows and modern furnishings

“It’s important to choose a specific style and bring it across to all the living areas, otherwise it would look mismatched. You should also never force a style onto a home. For example, I would never go with a Coastal Style for a traditional, post-war home on the outskirts of Brisbane. It just wouldn’t be the right fit.”Phoebe Shorter | Chief Stylist

traditional queenslander living room and dining room furnished with contemporary furniture

5. Amplify the Home’s Personality

Older style homes have so much personality and we love that about them!

It makes them endearingly charming, which is why we always try to add to their character, not suppress it. It’s not uncommon for each room to have different coloured walls, including kitchens and bathrooms with matching bench tops, cabinets and sinks.

Working with the colour scheme and not against it is the biggest difference maker when it comes to keeping the home’s unique ambience.

bedroom with a pink bed with a canape above it

6. Increase the Perceived Value

This goes without saying. Increasing the dollar value of the house is one of the main reasons why people stage their homes in the first place.

But it is especially relevant for older style properties, as they are the ones that report one of the highest ROI returns.

Why do traditional homes benefit the most from home staging?

We believe it is because home staging makes a real difference in the buyers’ perception. If left vacant, buyers are more likely to see the negative points, like the outdated fixtures or chipping paint.

They are adding up the cost of renovations in their mind, instead of being “wowed” by the home’s personality and potential. Which is exactly what professional styling brings to the table.

thoroughfare room in a queenslander house styled with contemporary furniture

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