Blog Series ‘Think Outside The Fox’ | Episode 2

Wallpapers have been around for hundreds of years and quite frankly… we don’t see them going away anytime soon. They are perfect for adding that little extra pop of personality to your rooms.

Although they look beautiful in your own home, when it comes to selling your house, wallpapers may cause some issues. The potential buyers may not necessarily share the same taste in style, which could deter them from buying.

“One thing we do not recommend is leaving the room with wallpaper vacant.” – Phoebe Shorter | Chief Stylist

Doing this will eliminate a lot of potential buyers, because the first thing they will think about is renovating the room and all the extra cost & effort involved.

That is why it’s important to stage these rooms in particular, so the buyers can visualise the potential of the space and how they could make the wallpaper work with the correct styling.

Depending on how busy the wallpapers is, we have two options.

Option 1 – Colour Coordinate

Recommended for the following wallpapers:

  • Simple pattern
  • 2-colour tones
  • Soft & gentle design

Stylist’s Checklist:

bring in splashes of the same colour(s) as per the wallpaper (e.g. cushions, lamp shades, artwork, rugs and other décor)

if the wallpaper has a certain pattern, subtly incorporate the pattern into the styling

do not overdo it

Below is a picture of a living room we staged a few months ago. Notice how our Stylists incorporated the splashes of grey & stripy pattern into the style.

Option 2 – Tone it Down

Recommended for the following wallpapers:

  • “Busy” look
  • Detailed pattern
  • Lots of different colours

Stylist’s Checklist:

bring in neutral colour palette to avoid colour-clashing

avoid artwork (use mirrors instead)

do not try to replicate the same colour palette as per the wallpaper

Foxy TV – Episode 88

Phoebe talks about styling with wallpaper and explains the reasoning behind choosing neutral colours for the red flowery pattern (displayed above). Give it a watch!

Photo Credit: Ray White

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