Here at Foxy Home Staging we love a challenge. Most stylists don’t bother with partial styling, its all or nothing. However, we love using our stock and pairing it with our clients most loved items. 


What is Partial Styling?

A ‘partial’ is when we come into your home and make use of as many of your existing items as we can and pair them with our own inventory. A partial usually includes removing items, brining in new items and refreshing the layout of a room.

What stays and what goes?

More often than not we find our clients have perfectly good mattresses and bedside tables but they have large bulky bed frames that take up most of the bedroom. Here we would say, we will use your mattress and bedside tables, but store your bed frame and bring in a bed base. This makes the room appear more spacious for your potential buyers. Paired with our linen, cushions and artwork, you’re onto a winning room for you open homes.

A client usually has a good quality outdoor setting we can use or a nice sofa. Having at least one of these items will definitely help in reducing those pre sale costs. That way all we need to bring in are some beautiful cushions and accessories for those areas. We have found that it’s the little things that most people don’t have. The artwork, the linen, the cushions and the accessories. These things all make a huge difference to your photos and your open homes. It’s what sets your home apart from the rest.


Here are some of the partial installs we have done recently:


Used clients sofas and coffee table- brought in accessories, floor rug and cushions.

Used clients dining table- brought in dining chairs, centrepiece and artwork

Used clients coffee table- brought in sofa, rug, cushions and accessories

Used clients bed, linen and bedside tables- Brought in lamps, cushions and throw rug

Used clients shelves and chest- Brought in everything else


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