Whether you’re doing  up a single room or doing a full home re style, a new floor rug has the power to transform a space. Most people don’t think twice about rugs, but it can have a huge impact on your space. If chosen correctly it can lighten and brighten a room and blend all of your pieces together. A floor rug can make or break a room. We get most of our rugs from wholesale suppliers, however we have done some digging and found similar rugs just for you! Here are some of our favourites from 2018. 


Aleda Felted Wool Rug- Zanui

This rug is one of our favourites from Zanui. It goes with grey or black sofas perfectly and really lifts a room. It lightens a space if you choose a darker coloured sofa while also blending the furniture. Available in 4 sizes.


Adelina Floor Rug- Freedom

The ADELINA floor rug from Freedom is one of our most popular with our clients. It looks great if you have a beige or cream coloured sofa. If you have a light coloured sofa & rug, make sure you have a darker or solid colour coffee table to break up the colour pallet. Available in 200 x 300 Natural & Ivory.


Grey Scandinavian Felted Wool Rug- The Rug Lady

My personal favourite paired with a grey sofa (see below). With soft white tones throughout it really softens a grey sofa. Available in 3 sizes.


Bayliss 155 x 225cm Beige Denmark Pile 100% Wool Rug- Bunnings Warehouse

This rug is from Bunnings Warehouse of all places and it works beautifully paired with a beige sofa. See our styling below for ideas.


Jean Rug (The Classic Shaggy)- Spotlight

If you really can’t decide on a rug for your space, you can’t go past the classic shaggy. Grey or white goes with everything. See below for ideas.



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