Selling your home is a big deal, you want to get the best possible price so you can move onto your next adventure and quickly. You can clean & organize, but what else can you do to get the offers rolling in? Here are our top tips for a quick sale.



First impressions are very important. You want your potential buyers to see your property for the first time & be blown away. A neat lawn & well maintained yard is vital in creating that warm and fuzzy feeling that sells homes. If a buyer sees a well maintained yard, they will assume the rest of the house has been well taken care of too.

De Clutter Key Areas

Kitchens & bathrooms need to be de cluttered. Clear away as much as you can to make the bench space appear larger & more appealing. Place all household items (E.G: toothbrush, tissue box, toaster, kettle etc) away & have only a few accessories out on display.

Natural Light

Potential buyers want to walk into a house & have it feel like a home. Natural light helps bring a warm feeling into a room & makes it more inviting. Any good agent will ensure all blinds and curtains will be open & all lights switched on to enhance this during an open home. A tip to help this further is to replace all lamps with Cool White light bulbs. Also, be sure to trim away any overhanging trees or plants that are blocking natural light from a room.

Be Neutral

When selling your home you need to appeal to as many people as possible. Some have eclectic taste, others prefer a more modern home, be sure to put your spin on your next home, however when it comes to selling neutral is best. Be sure to paint over any brightly coloured feature walls or colourful front doors. This will make for a wider pool of people looking at your property.

Window Trimmings

Blinds and curtains are often something we learn to live with, they are dated & need refreshing, but somehow they always get pushed to the bottom of our to do list. When selling, it is very important to either refresh or remove dated window trimmings. Some people find it hard to see past brightly coloured or patterned curtains & that is all they will remember from your home at the end of a big day house hunting. If you don’t have the funds to replace curtains or blinds with something neutral, simply remove them.


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