When styling your home for sale it’s understandable to ask “where is my money best spent?”. You want to make sure that the money you’re spending is going to be worth it and that you’re going to get that money back (plus more) once you’ve sold.

Where should I spend my Money?

Often when we style a clients home they will ask us about renovating certain areas like the kitchen or bathroom and generally we will say don’t do it (if you don’t have a big budget for it). We tend to say this because while it may look a lot better than what you have now, the chances of someone buying your home and deciding they don’t like your new area are fairly high. Use your money elsewhere.

You can make small improvements here and there that won’t cost you a fortune and can make a big difference when selling (e.g. painting over a coloured feature wall, removing busy curtains, landscaping or getting the carpets cleaned). These changes combined with property styling will give you your best shot at a fast & rewarding sale.

Now if you don’t have the budget for property styling (or even partial styling) I would highly recommend spending your money on accessories. It’s amazing the impact accessories and ‘fluff’ can have on your home. Items like vases, flowers, greenery, rugs, scatter cushions, throws and artwork can change a house into a home.

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