Feature walls are an amazing way to add colour, depth and texture to your living room or bedroom. You can use different colours or even patterns to brighten up the room. It’s also a quick, easy and affordable way to make the inside of your home stand out.


– Whatever colour or pattern you are going to use for your feature wall, make sure it’s going to compliment the rest of the room/ home
– Use the accent wall as your feature. This generally should be the first wall you see as you walk in the room, it should highlight and define the space
– Be creative! Some of you may think a feature wall is just one block colour on a wall but, you can use different patterns and textures that can look amazing as well
– Go for paint if you’re looking for an affordable and easy way to update a room. You can create different looks with paint and if you tend to change your mind easily then it’s simple enough for you to update in the future


– Don’t select any random wall, you want your feature wall to highlight a focal point that’s already there (e.g. the wall in your living room that your TV is on, or, the wall your bedhead may be against in the bedroom)
– Don’t pick one colour feature wall for your living room and then do the exact same colour in every room of the house. This may sound silly but we’ve seen this a lot and it takes away the special ‘feature’ of the original room (One feature wall in a house is usually enough)
– Don’t think that paint is your only option. There is wallpaper, timber, exposed brick, etc. Think outside the box!
– Don’t put a feature wall in a small room, this can make the room appear even smaller. If you’re looking to add some colour to a small room the best way is in your cushions, artwork & accessories


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