When it comes to the perfect bedroom layout it can be tricky because not every room is easy to work with. You’ve got to consider things like windows, wardrobes, entrances and where your power points are. These all play a part in how you would set up your bedroom and can sometimes be tricky to work around. Here are some ideas/ tricks to find the perfect bedroom layout.

Size Matters 

Measure the size of your room first. You don’t want to get furniture that’s going to make the room look small or even worse, not fit at all. The size of the room will dictate what size bed & bedsides will fit.

Avoid Windows 

Try to avoid placing your bed directly under a window, this can be tricky and sometimes is unavoidable if you have more than one window in the room. If you can, place your bed against the wall with no window. See below.



Look for Power points 

Some bedrooms make it easy and will have two power points on the wall that you would put your bed and two bedside tables on. Others may have their power points in odd spaces which may cause you to have to play around with the layout. It’s always good, if you can, to see your bed front on as you enter the room.



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