3 Online Tools We Use for Team Communication

Home Staging is an incredibly dynamic, ever-changing industry. Sudden changes, busy traffic or unpredictable weather are only a few of the challenges we face every day.

That is why clear, team-wide communication is of utmost importance.

Today we will share with you three of the most frequently used Online Programs we utilized to communicate between each other.


Contrary to its name, Slack is keeping us all productive & connected throughout the day. It’s a free to use online tool and we at Foxy use it as a group chat.

What we like about it:

You can create different channels to separate specific topics/areas of business. Doing this keeps the conversations organised and relevant.

You can download the Slack app for your phone.

It’s FREE! (There are paid options available, but we find the Free version works perfect for us and how we use it.)

It’s super easy to use!

You can integrate it with other apps (Google Drive, Google Calendar, Trello, Survey Monkey, Office365… to name a few)

How we use it:

Every afternoon we post a picture of our schedule for the next day. This way everyone knows what to expect.

Truck updates throughout the day (name of the street + minutes until arrival).

Team communication throughout the day

Different channels: Media Team, Online Store, Email Newsletter…

Location of the keys (if we need to hide them on the property)

 Jokes & banter – the backbone of our team culture


Trello is an online program we use to track our entire Workflow – from sending out the initial paperwork all the way through to collection.

What we like about it:

It’s very easy to use and clear to navigate. You simply move the property card throughout the entire process by drag & drop function.

You can add files and notes for each property (e.g. furniture list, access issues, etc.)

You can tag other team members in your file note, which will send them a notification/email so they can’t miss it.

You have the option to archive the property once it’s sold & collected (It deletes it from the workflow, but you still have the ability to access it in the future, should you require).

It’s FREE! (Similar to Slack, there are paid options available but this free version is all we need!)

How we use it:

We created Lists for every step of the process:

Send the initial paperwork ► Install ► Send review email ► Waiting for collection ► Final feedback

Each List contains Cards – which we’re using as properties. Each card has the street name of the house/unit and the description contains details about the agent, owner, install date, rental period and payment option.

We add attachments (quote & stocklist) and notes to each property (e.g. difficult access, allow extra time for collection) .

The entire Team has access to this Trello board and they actively use it, which keeps us all on the same page.


We use Google Workspace Business bundle for our custom email address. A part of this package is access to Google Drive, which is a cloud-based file storage that our entire team has access to.

What we like about it:

This nifty tool makes the need for USB’s completely obsolete. Just upload your files to the Drive and share it with the person.

You can use it as a back-up “hard drive” for files too important to lose, but too large to keep on hand.

Everyone has access and can contribute to it, which means we can alternate the “picture-taking duty” if needed. (E.g. “Hey I need to run, can you take pictures and upload them to the Drive for me? Thanks!”)

How we use it:

We’ve been using Google Drive to upload pictures of properties before & after installations (see above, addresses have been censored). Once the property is sold & collected, we move the entire folder into the ‘Completed’ folder.

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