Hello Foxy Fans, Eva here!

Last week was my very first week at Foxy Home Staging in a Content Writer / Styling Assistant position. And let me tell you.. what a week it was!

To give you some context…

My background covers lots of different industries, but Real Estate is not one of them. In fact, I didn’t even know what ‘Home Staging’ was until I applied for this cool gig at Foxy.

So yeah, you’d be absolutely right to assume that there were a lot of things brand new to me. But there was this one thing in particular… this one specific event, that just absolutely blew my mind.


This is when it all started. Phoebe took me to an install, so I could get a feel of what’s going on behind the scenes.

When we got there, I kid you not, I stood still for good five minutes, observing what appeared to be an absolute chaos unfolding right in front of my eyes.

To the newcomer – it was chaos. To the team – it was just another Wednesday.

My face when they opened the truck ↓

But then, as I watched the guys move furniture of all shapes and sizes ever so seamlessly, the house started to come to life. It was quite fascinating to watch the process of an empty room developing its own unique character, one decor piece at a time.

Then Phoebe gets a phone call. My ears perked up with curiosity, but not like… in a nosy way. Okaaaay fine, maybe just a little bit nosy.

Checking her calendar, she suggested meeting in one hour for a free consultation.

“Is that like a quote?” I asked after she hung up, trying to make it look like I wasn’t eavesdropping. I was.

“Yes, it is like a quote, but we call it a consult. That way we can give the owners some tips and suggestions, so they can get some value out of it even if they choose not to go ahead.”

This is the way to do business, I smiled to myself contently, confirming yet another value Foxy and I have in common.


This is when it really escalated, folks.

Phoebe walks in and says that the agent & owner are happy to go ahead, so we’ll be doing an install for them on Friday.

“Friday as in this Friday? Tomorrow?” – I asked, visibly confused.


That, ladies and gents.. was a THREE day turn-around… I can’t even fold my laundry in three days.

Day One consult → Day Two pending decision → Day Three install


I asked to come along. I MUST see this.

We picked up the keys, the boys brought in the furniture and Phoebe styled it. Not even two hours later I found myself standing in a completely different house. Visually, not physically.

“Does it always happen this quickly?” – I asked, trying to hold myself back from touching the decorations.

“Well, we are the only ones in Brisbane who can do this.”

What an action-packed, successful week that was.

The Foxy Family gave me a nice, warm welcome and I can’t wait to see what other surprises, mind-blow moments & laughs lie ahead.

I have a good feeling about this journey.

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