There’s nothing more frustrating than having your house on the market for more than the ‘average’ amount of time. You are in a desirable location; people are walking through, but they’re just not making any offers. So what are your options if your property isn’t selling?


Do you have the right agent?

There are plenty of great agents out there, so whilst this is an easy question to ask, it isn’t always the right question. Is your agent proactive, getting out there and talking to buyers about your home? Are they motivated enough to stay connected with you and inform you about progress? How do they operate with your home opens? Find out how many listings your agent has too, because if they’re swamped with properties, they might simply not have enough time to devote to yours. Unfortunately, not all agents are created equal and the first step is to let your agent know of your concerns and hopefully they will listen.


Is your price right?

Homes listed for too high a price is a problem seen all too often. Listing an overpriced home eliminates the opportunity to create competition because nobody can see the value. It’s hard to hear, but just because you think your house is worth a certain amount, doesn’t mean the market will be willing to pay it. Every house can sell, it just needs the right price. If it’s been sitting for months with no response, then it’s time to get realistic about the value and have a serious rethink.


Listen to your feedback

A good agent will provide you with feedback from potential buyers who attend your open homes? Perhaps buyers feel there’s no curb appeal, they feel the house lacks warmth or they can’t wrap their heads around the floor plan. Buyer feedback is a great way to gauge how the market views your property and to determine whether you need to make any changes to receive an offer.


Consider styling your home

Help your buyers to fall in love with your property by adding warmth and soul to your home by having it staged. Professional styling will eliminate floor plan confusion and distract from any drawbacks (power poles/close neighbours/small block size) by maximising the homes potential with furniture, artwork and accessories. This will create attractive marketing material and increased interest at home opens. With a large percentage of buyers using online tools to search for properties they want to look at your photos will entice buyers to walk through the door, and make an offer you simply won’t be able to refuse.


Having your home sitting stagnant on the market is a frustrating time. If you feel you have the right agent, you’ve de-cluttered and cleaned up, and your price is right for today’s market, then take a step back to regroup and seriously consider styling your home.


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