When consulting for clients, I am often asked to quote on styling the rooms that are only necessary for a good sale. Generally this request is budget related and our partial style will include the living, dining and outdoor areas, as well as the master room only. It did get me thinking though, if I could convince every seller to style one area, regardless of whether it is a DIY or using a professional, what would it be? So today I thought I would share with you my thoughts on what’s the most important room to style when selling your home.

Statistics show that the average home buyer decides within 7 seconds of walking through your front door, whether you’re property is for them. That means you get 7 seconds to make a good first impression. Naturally, this means that the styling of the area you see after walking through the front door, is the most important to get right. Now, I know that the title of this post eluded to their being a single, definite room to style when selling but the reality is that the number of rooms needing attention will depend on the layout of your property.

Your front door might open into a foyer – atleast this is a single room to style but difficult to keep tidy if you are living in your home while selling it. Perhaps adding a console table, a table lamp, some flowers and wall hanging is what this space needs? A lot of smaller apartments and townhouses enter into a combined living space, which means that these areas should be styled to have maximum impact. Basically stand at your front door and give all visible areas purpose and style – it’s beneficial to also consider the entryway as including your front verandah.


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