There are many perks to a bright and light home. Your home will appear more spacious. It will exude cleanliness and happiness. It will be more photogenic. And best of all, it will be more attractive to buyers. So here we go, my top 6 tips to brighten and whiten your home.


This is the least expensive way to brighten a room. If your room has dark coloured or yellow based paint, it will be giving it an overall dark feel. Transform your room with a coat of white paint or a light grey to brighten up your space. Go for a simple palette, light grey on the wall and white enamel on the trim, to allow small spaces to breathe that little bit easier. Painting also has the added bonus of covering those dents and dings you’ve put in your walls.

Whilst this is the obvious option, I know that there are a lot of people renting out there……which makes this not an option. So, try adding some artwork. Paintings that feature the colours of your décor and furniture, will pull the rooms together and will work together to brighten your home.


Ok. I have two boys, so I know that what I am suggesting here isn’t entirely practical but wherever possible use white or light coloured furniture. Think white bookcases, cream couches, and off-white rugs! Heavy, dark furniture will make a room appear smaller and darker.


Natural light is key for boosting a buyer’s mood when walking through the home. For some buyers, a lack of natural light is a deal breaker, so it is important to maximise the natural light filtering through your home. Inside, give your windows a good scrub, replace heavy window furnishings with sheer curtains and position any large furniture items on walls opposing the windows. Outside, try cutting back overgrown landscaping and pruning trees which block sunlight through the windows. This is a tricky one though as too much pruning may result in a warmer house, especially if you live in sunny Queensland.


Mirrors are used as a feature in many homes but I can’t tell you how many aren’t being used to their full potential! A well placed mirror will make your room appear larger, and reflect any light coming into the room. Simply position it opposing a window at eye level.


Every single home I have staged has needed additional lighting.  A desk lamp or floor lamp in a dark corner of the room makes your place feel brighter and more inviting. Pairs of lamps on the bedsides are more appealing and provide symmetrical light in the bedroom. Another trade secret is to switch out the light bulbs for some Bright White LED bulbs to maximize the brightness coming from your lamps.


A breath of fresh air in your home, lifts your spirits and removes stale smells lingering in your home or furniture. If your windows are tinted, opening the windows instantly brightens the room.

All 6 of our tips in action

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