Over the past couple of weeks, I have been sharing with you the secrets of Home Staging. So, by now, you would know that that a home will sell more quickly if buyers are able to imagine themselves living in the property. This is why we stage a home. Now, it can be as simple as re-arranging the furniture, adding some lamps, hanging artwork or putting things away.  But I have found that there are a few items that can make a home more memorable to buyer. So, let me share with you a few secrets of the trade! Here are my thoughts on which hoe staging props get noticed.

A Bowl of Lemons

I love seeing a glass bowl of lemons on a kitchen countertop or as a dining room centrepiece. They are the perfect prop for completing a staged beverage bar of glassware, or the easiest way to dress up a foyer tabletop.

There are couple reasons why I rate lemons high for home staging. One is that nobody is tempted to try and eat them the way they would apples or pears. They’re clearly decorative. The second reason is that lemons represent freshness. They also add a splash of bold colour. And finally, they have a dual purpose. Cut a lemon in half and run it over your sink before an open home, not only will your kitchen smell fresh but your sink will be sparkling.




Plush Towels

New towels are a must for dressing up a bathroom. Everyday towels won’t cut it. When you’re aiming for that luxurious, boutique hotel look, you want fat and fluffy new ones. White towels work the best in all bathrooms that aren’t white. In a white bathroom, try out a simple Aztec print.




Matching Table Lamps

Anytime a pair of anything is used as a decorating prop, there’s a sense of order and quality. The lamps should be placed close enough so that they are both visible in a glance, such as on either side of a couch or bed. Their shades should match, and they should both be on the same level.



Cushions are great for adding another layer to a room’s décor, they also suggest homeliness and comfort. Have fun with geometrics, textural fabrics, dressmaker details, and animal prints that compliment your décor but steer away from bright pops of colour.

Avoid: Cute sayings on cushions, cushions flattened by age, and an excess of pillows on any bed, sofa or chair.





If you find that you have a dark wall or you have removed some family pictures and now just have a large open space on a wall it is a good idea to hang a nice, clean mirror. The mirror will bring in some additional light and add some depth and size to the room.



In the bathroom, it is always a good idea to tuck all personal toiletries away and out of sight but this can leave your bathroom feeling empty and sterile. Add some simple greenery to the space to give it some life and energy.




Thanks for reading!


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