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I have told you before that bedrooms are my favourite room to stage. The reason I like them is because there are “rules” that come with staging a bedroom. A bed, with two matching bedside tables and two matching lamps, a piece of art work and if space permits, a dresser, desk or sitting chair. These rooms are so simple and yet, when done right, they can be one of the best transformed rooms in a home. But, for this to be true, you must stage your bed like a professional! Think of the beds you see in Pillow Talk, Adairs or Bed, Bath ‘n’ Table. Think of the plump pillows and how perfect the linen sits, without creases. Like the rest of the bedroom, dressing the bed also has a set of guidelines to follow, and this is what we will discuss today!

The secret to a perfect bed is pillows! There are 3 types of pillows you need to get the beautiful, department store, bed look.

1.The European Pillow

These are the big, square pillows that only have a decorative function. For this reason, a lot of people choose not to have them but they play a huge role in dressing a bed. So much so, that you will NEVER see a bed staged without them. So, how many will you need to buy? A single bed will only need one. A double and a queen will need two, and a king will need three.  All the European pillows will coordinate with either your bedspread or duvet (whichever one your king pillows aren’t matching).

2.The King or Standard Pillows

These are the pillow cases that will often come with a bedding set. They are that little bit bigger and plumper than the sleeping pillows. Use king pillows on a queen or king bed, with standard pillows on double or single beds. Your king or standard pillows coordinate with either your bedspread or duvet (whichever one your European pillows aren’t matching).

3.The Sleeping Pillow

As the name suggests, these are the pillows that you sleep on. Your sleeping pillows always coordinate with your sheets.

Here are a few Pottery Barn examples of how it works. I have chosen linen that easily illustrates the coordination of the pillows with the sheets and bedspread. As such, these examples are a bit too personal for staging a bed for sale. Remember that when choosing linen for staging, you are trying to appeal to as many people as you can.







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