Meet Ebony!

One of the youngest members of the Foxy Fam, Ebony joined the team back in early February this year, so she’s still fairly new to all the ropes but is off styling massive mansions all on her own, so I think it’s pretty easy to say she’s good as gold.

I sat down with Ebony to see how it’s all going for her so far. Take a look:

Ebony pic

1.What do you remember about your beginnings?

When I first joined Foxy I remember genuinely being blown away at how amazing the team morale was/is and how well everyone works together…I felt very grateful to have landed a position in such an incredible company! I did however underestimate just how physical the job was going to be, but I love it. No two days are ever the same, which is exciting!

2. What’s your favourite style?

Oh I love the Hamptons and coastal styles, they make a home feel so welcoming and calm. I also love that both styles include a lot of natural textures and colours. 

3.Favourite decoration?

I don’t really know… *Proceeds to look around a rather empty stylist room…we’ve been very busy lately*

Cici: There really isn’t much to look for is there?

Ebony: No, not really! I do love the white orchids, they make any room look and feel really elegant and add a beautiful luxe touch.

4.What’s your favourite bedroom that you’ve styled?

Oh I know the one. It was a tribal luxe master bedroom I styled in an apartment at Toowong. It was mostly black with a little pop of pattern and some beige to break up the darkness.

5.What’s your favourite living room you’ve styled?

Oh it was this really nice place in Plateau, it was a family friendly luxe style as well. 

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6.Least favourite room to style and why?

My least favourite space is the study as I prefer creating and putting together a bedroom or living space. I love playing with all the layers and textures that go into these spaces, such as the cushions, throws, coffee table accessories, art, and rugs.

7.What was your biggest fail?

Hmm my biggest…Oh…Oh I know. 

Cici: Oh no, that doesn’t sound good haha.

Ebony: It really wasn’t. I accidentally left a key in the elevator that we were using to lock it from anyone being able to use it, and a worker went inside!

Cici: Oh god!

Ebony: It was ok, luckily he just went to the ground floor but gosh if he went to a different floor we wouldn’t know where he’d gone.

8.What is the funniest moment that you can remember?

I mean, everyone giving Joe* those funny nicknames are hilarious but oh! There was one time when Kirsten (Another Foxy Stylist you’ll meet soon!) and I were driving back from an install, just chatting away about how it all went and I pulled up behind a car that was stopped at a light. We waited there for a good while until I said “Jeez, how long is this guy taking?!” Annnd then we realised that the car was actually parked. We’d just been too caught up chatting away that I didn’t even notice! Kirsten told everyone about it when we got back to the warehouse.

*Joe – Joe is Ebony’s younger brother who is a removalist with Foxy. You’ll get to meet him soon in a Foxy TV episode! The group always give him the weird nicknames such as Spud. We don’t really understand the meaning behind these nicknames but they stick nonetheless. 

9.After work, I spend my time…

At the moment, house hunting with my partner.

Note: At the point of this interview being conducted, Ebony had not found a house but she has now! Yay!

10.I spend my weekends…

Mountain bike riding, cooking & baking, doing Pilates and enjoying the great outdoors! 

Cici: Oh what type of cooking do you do? Baking or… *Please bring me goodies at work*

Ebony: I love making dinner foods like lasagne and oh, last night I made a Shepherd’s Pie! But I also like baking, I’ve been making key lime cheesecake and it’s so delicious. 

Check out more from Ebony over on our instagram page and also give her a follow @ebony.foxyhomestaging to see all her amazing styling. 

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