Hi Foxy friends, Cici here!

Let me tell you about my first week working at Foxy as a digital marketer and content writer.  Being friends with Eva, I knew a little bit about what Foxy did and how the process sort of worked, however, no one could have predicted what was going to happen for that first week. I already knew that I would be joining one of the stylists with an installation then following up with a trip in the truck with Cody and Russ. A full day out and about in Brisbane to see what Foxy was all about.

Boy, was I not prepared whatsoever.

Unfortunately, Foxy started the week with four people out of action (thanks COVID), so I was thrown into the deep end as a mini stylist and remover. It was chaotic. With there being constant rain, tradies and painters taking up room in the driveways and hallways, no access for the truck to get in, the battery in one of the trucks going flat, furniture sitting in the house when it’s meant to be vacant, or worse – 3 flights of stairs to climb… literally everything that could go wrong, went wrong.  Despite all the setbacks the Foxy team were prepared for whatever the day threw at them. This week showcased how having a tight knit team is essential in tricky situations. Communication was key.  Everyone knowing how far away each person was  from different sites was definitely a big factor. When we arrived at each property, especially if we were delayed at the previous place, it was just all hands-on deck to get everything off the truck within a short time because of the rain that was getting harder by the second.  It was a very intense and stressful week, especially from a newcomer’s point of view. I had no idea of the  tiny details that go into styling certain aspects of houses, like bedrooms and bathrooms.

Who knew a bathroom could use styling?! 

After the second day I was put in charge of making the beds, which was easier than I expected! The secret I learnt to make those beds look amazing? PILLOWS! You can never have too many pillows when it comes to styling a bed. You may think it looks like too many but trust me, it’s not. And throws or blankets, they are always a good way to make a bed look extra cosy and a great way to tie in different colours.

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I made these! All on my own!

While the first week was such a crazy whirlwind that I was not prepared for, I felt completely welcomed by everyone in  the team. Everyone was prepared to help me with whatever I needed, whether it was a question or a hand to help carry something up the stairs. It was a bit of a hectic welcome, but it was the first time, in any type of job that I’ve had, where I felt like part of a team so quickly.  This week was the perfect look into exactly what Foxy does and how they do it. It was extremely busy, and I felt like I was getting a workout every single day (I’m talking 10k plus steps each day), but it will always be something that I’ll look back on fondly for future reference as a crazy first week.

Thank you for reading!

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