Wallpaper always seems like a good idea at the time and although it can look amazing, it’s a pain to remove. Here are some tips and pointers for removing that unwanted wallpaper.

You will need:
 Bucket
 Paint tray
 Paint roller
 Drop sheet for the floor
 Gloves
 Scraper
 Steamer
 Stirrer
 Water
 Wire brush
 Chemical remover

Steamer Method
Ensure that before you start all the electrical points are covered with tape and you have placed your drop sheet on the floor. Press the steamer paddle against the wall for 30 seconds or until the paper starts to peel off. Follow behind with a scraper as you move along.


Chemical Method
Place your drop sheet down on the ground to stop any residue from damaging your floors. Mix up your chemical remover which you can buy at Bunnings, make sure you follow the instructions on the packet. Use a paint tray and roller to roll the chemical mix onto the walls, make sure to spread evenly and ensure the paper is wet. Use a paint scraper to scrape away the wallpaper. If there are some hard to remove areas reapply and soak those areas. Once you have removed all the paper rinse the wall with water.


Good luck & happy renovating!

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