The kitchen seems to be the place where everyone stores things that aren’t particularly meant to be in the kitchen. Whether it’s your handbag, paper work or the kids have just dumped their stuff on the kitchen bench, we are all guilty of this. While you’re living there it can be practical but when selling your house, we need to de clutter.


The Fridge

It’s time to take off those fridge magnets, remove photos, calendars and the pictures the kids drew at school. Have the fridge bare with nothing personal on it and give the outside a good clean to make it nice and shiny with no finger prints.

The Bench

Like I said before the kitchen bench seems to collect a lot of ‘stuff’ that isn’t relevant to the kitchen but when selling it’s important to keep the bench clear. You should also store away appliances like the toaster, kettle and coffee machine that might be taking up a bit of room on your bench.


Let your kitchen speak for itself. You don’t need to go crazy buying new décor items to make it look more presentable because chances are you already have some things you could use. Here are some pieces that Foxy stylists use when styling a kitchen, some of which you may have at home already.


When selling your home your pantry will most likely go unseen, but, occasionally you do get potential buyers who will look in every cupboard so it’s important to keep it reasonably tidy. You don’t need to go crazy and get rid of everything, just tidy it up and make it look less cluttered.

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