A lot of people believe ‘interior designer’ and ‘property stylist’ are similar names for the same profession. Both involve setting up interiors of homes and using beautifying methods, but there are some fundamental differences you should know when you’re thinking about preparing your house for the market. So who should you use and what are the differences between Interior Design and Property Styling?

What is Interior Design?
Interior design is the art and science of understanding people’s behavioural patterns to create functional spaces for them. Interior designers apply their technical skills to provide an environment that matches a person’s life, home culture, and local surroundings. It is more permanent, so colours, furniture, artwork and décor are used to suit your personality and living style. Interior designers are also trained to modify internal structures in addition to furnishing existing spaces.


What is Property Styling?
A property stylist is brought into a home before it goes on the market. They stage it to add warmth, life, and a competitive edge to set it apart from other homes. The focus on styling the home for sale is to get buyers through the door, rather than designing the interior to suit a personal taste. Generally, a property stylist will bring in rental furniture, accessories and artwork to maximise the appeal of a property and therefore boost the sale price. Think of a property stylist as someone who can make your internal living space look like it belongs as part of a magazine editorial. This allows for beautiful photography on marketing material to spark emotional reactions from potential buyers.


In a nutshell, interior design allows you to ‘stay put’ while property styling is a way to help ‘move on’. It is very much a personality versus broad appeal difference. Property stylists understand what buyers are looking for and are on top of current trends to help present homes in their best light. So when you’re ready to put your house on the market, a property stylist will be your go to person!

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