When selling your home, buyers want to envisage themselves living in it and one of the rooms to entice them the most is the bathroom. Fortunately, there’s no need for a costly renovation when you can style it yourself and make it look unbelievable. So today we will share with you our tips on how to style your bathroom into a five-star experience for your potential buyers.


Keep it Simple

Minimalism is in, clutter is out. It’s as simple as that. Clear away your personal products and add a few well-chosen accessories to add a layer of warmth and elegance. A tip is to place things you use regularly – toothbrushes, shampoo and hair brushes – into a small basket which you can easily pack away when you are ready for an open home.

Use Greenery

Fresh flowers and greenery make any space come alive and the bathroom is no exception. Plants, especially tropical ones, will bring a dramatic impact and add instant colour. Some advice though – a single plant in a bathroom can look lonely, and like it was a bit of an afterthought. Two different species of plants, on the other hand, offer balance and much bigger impact.


Towelling and Luxury Accessories

The few accessories you should have in your bathroom include fluffy towels rolled up and on display, soap dispseners, candles and natural loofahs. Display these items in groups rather than scattering them around because it can end up looking like clutter. Think simplicity and less is best. Your staged bathroom should appear to be the desirable spa-like room of the house, where potential buyers can envision themselves taking long soaks in the bathtub and pampering themselves.


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