Coffee tables are an important feature in your living room and when it comes to styling it’s ideal that they not only look good but they also have functionality.


One of the key things to remember when styling your coffee table is to use different levels of height. With a combination of vases and flowers, accessories, candles and books you can create the perfect look for you coffee table. By using something vertical such as a tall vase, something horizontal like a book and an object to bridge the gap is the perfect way to add dimension.

Be Creative
Get creative with it! There are so many things you could use that won’t cost an arm and a leg or, that you might even find in your home already. Instead of books and flowers you could use a tray with a pot and some greenery to give a fresh feel.

Try and stick with the theme you have going in your home, using colours that match your furniture and other accessories. This will create a nice even flow throughout your home and nothing will look odd or out of place.

Don’t overcrowd
Sometimes the simplest accessories can make a huge impact. By overcrowding your coffee table, it can make it look cluttered, messy and lose its functionality.


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