Nothing beats the smell and look of fresh flowers. They give an instant lift to a room and can be a great focal piece. They can even brighten and freshen a room, helping to make it more memorable to potential buyers. But dressing the home with fresh flowers for every open house and inspection can be costly, so today I thought I’d let you know my thoughts on whether you should use fake or fresh flowers when styling your home.

Simply put, using fake flowers to style your home is perfectly acceptable. We often use fake greenery, succulents and flowers in all of the homes we stage. Afterall, who will be watering them if the home is vacant for 6 weeks!!?!



There are some areas where we prefer to hire potted plants, in particular the front porch and entrance way.

Nevertheless, nothing tells prospective buyers that you care more than the fragrance of fresh flowers in a beautifully clean and nicely presented home. So, why not mix it up. Go for fresh flowers in the entrance way and fake flowers and greenery throughout the rest of the home!

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Image Credit: Blink Living | Hand Crafted Flowers | Pinterest | eHow

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