July 2023

The Art of Staging Townhouses: Elevate Your Space

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Staging Townhouses Today, I’m going to shine a spotlight on staging townhouses for sale by diving into an example property that we styled recently. This style of property is our bread and butter here at Foxy. And while functionality is important for living in a property, styling homes for sale differs, as (to state the obvious) a sale is the ultimate goal! To do this we want to appeal to a broad market, while focusing on first impressions, accessibility, and a layout that showcases the space in the home. We want to generate a buzz and create a [...]

Selecting Artwork: Stage a Captivating Home

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Selecting Artwork Today we’re delving into the process of selecting artwork for properties. At Foxy, we understand that artwork plays a pivotal role in home styling. Think of it as the icing that adds that extra layer of visual appeal to the already beautiful cake. In this blog, we'll dish out some insider tips and tricks that we use to choose the perfect artwork to elevate a space to new heights. Let's dig in! During the consultation process, the stylist takes numerous photos of each room. We examine these images alongside the floor [...]

A Pop of Colour: Pink in Property Styling

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Pink in Property Styling Have you ever noticed that when you go on Real Estate.com, it's like entering a realm of cream, beige, gold, and white overload? We sure did! And after a few conversations with our agents (a few years ago now), we decided to change that and embrace a more colourful palette in general. Now, there is no need to be concerned by colourful; we mean muted and understated colour, not bold and overwhelming tones. So let's talk pink in property styling!  In our opinion, incorporating pink into property styling comes with an unfair bias. [...]

June 2023

5 Tips for an Efficient Pack Up Process

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5 Tips for an Efficient Pack Up Process This article is for the home staging business owners out there. As home stagers, an efficient pack up (de-stage, bump-out, depending on your terminology) of a property is essential to minimise downtime and maximise team productivity. The end goal being to fit more jobs in a day! In this article, I’ll explore ways we streamline the pack ups to ensure an efficient pack up process. Our pack ups revolve around how the truck gets loaded, so we’ve adopted strategies and have specific training with every team member to make sure [...]

15 Questions with Fletcher | Meet Our Foxy Removalists

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This week I’m introducing you to another one of our removalists. Much like the stylist spotlight, the goal of this series is for you to get to know the Foxy team. So let’s say hi to Fletcher! Meet Fletcher! Fletcher is a Foxy removalist who’s been a part of the team since we were quite small. He’s an integral part of the business, and is part of the leadership team here. He tells it how it is, and he’s always up for a laugh. Let’s get into 15 questions with Fletcher.  [...]

Bring Purpose: Opportunities for Staff Progression

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Today, I’m going to look at the benefits of offering staff progression at Foxy. This will hopefully provide some insight into how you can apply it to your business. As past employees for corporations and government services, Jake and Phoebe know how important it is to offer incentives and opportunities for growth in business. That's why they believe that investing in the development of the team is not only the right thing to do, but also a smart business decision. Giving employees the tools and opportunities they need to grow and thrive, creates a positive work environment where everyone [...]

May 2023

Foxy at Home: 40 Glenmore Crescent, Rochedale

By |2023-05-25T13:32:43+10:00May 25th, 2023|Behind The Scenes, Business of Staging, DIY Home Staging, Foxy at Home, Vacant Home Staging|

Welcome to Foxy at Home where I’ll take you behind the scenes on a property that we’ve recently styled. We’ll guide you through our process of choosing the style and at the end of the article we link to the furniture we used, so you can recreate your favourite looks! 40 Glenmore Cr, Rochedale Let’s travel together to the suburb of Rochedale. This area is rising in popularity because of its opportune location. Sitting on the outskirts of the city, Rochedale has stunning views of the scenic rim and is a [...]

April 2023

6 Things We’ve Learned in 6 Years of Foxy

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This week we’re celebrating 6 Years of Foxy and bringing you 6 things we’ve learned along the way! 1. Cash is King No doubt you’ve heard this plenty of times, but we cannot understate the importance of managing your cash as a small business. Simply put, we learned that having enough cash on hand to cover expenses is the bare minimum. And being able to fund the growth of the business is crucial. It's especially important in the early stages, while building clientele, inventory, staffing and establishing a reputation. Growth can be expensive. [...]

March 2023

The Ultimate Home Staging Warehouse Guide

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Today we’re going to look at how we organise and store all our stock and accessories in the Foxy warehouse. The goal with storage is to make the selection (and packing) process as simple and efficient as possible. This helps the team maximise output (more jobs). From accessories to sofas, to art, there’s a thought process behind it all. Let’s dig into the warehouse guide! Warehouse Size We put a lot of thought behind warehouse storage. It’s all in relation to where the trucks get loaded, and where the stylists [...]

7 Home Staging Tips: When Things Don’t Go to Plan

By |2023-03-23T11:12:06+10:00March 23rd, 2023|Behind The Scenes, Business of Staging, Home Staging Tips|

If you’re in the business of home staging you might on the odd occasion find yourself in a sticky situation. Maybe you’re at a job and find yourself with the wrong sized sheet, or you’ve rubbed up against a wall in your black jeans. Read along for some home staging tips and tools we use to solve these little problems and maximise efficiency! Spray the Linen Wrinkles in sheets and bedding are the plight of a home stager. It’s the difference between a sleek, perfected finish or a dishevelled and [...]

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