Today, I’m going to look at the benefits of offering staff progression at Foxy. This will hopefully provide some insight into how you can apply it to your business. As past employees for corporations and government services, Jake and Phoebe know how important it is to offer incentives and opportunities for growth in business. That’s why they believe that investing in the development of the team is not only the right thing to do, but also a smart business decision. Giving employees the tools and opportunities they need to grow and thrive, creates a positive work environment where everyone feels valued and supported. This has a multi-faceted result. But to put it basically, when the team feel happy and fulfilled in the workplace, they are more likely to stick around and work to their full potential.

Reward, Promote & Recognise

Jake and Phoebe draw a lot of inspiration from Gary Vee. He speaks a lot about ‘Hire Fast, Fire Faster, and Promote Fastest’ and discusses the importance of building team morale. So you can see how he inspires a lot of the Foxy model! The ‘promote fastest’ aspect of this quote is what I’ll focus on today. And if you’re interested about the other parts of the quote, have a read of this blog here! Jake and Phoebe are all about promoting their A players as quickly as possible. And by rewarding and recognizing their hard work and dedication, Jake and Phoebe demonstrate appreciation for their efforts, which goes a long way for team morale!

Don’t Wait: When You Know, You Know

They don’t believe in waiting for arbitrary timelines to pass before offering a promotion. So if someone is showing qualities of leadership or exceptional performance in their current role, they want to recognise that. And give them the opportunity to grow within the company. An example of this is Ebony, who advanced to senior stylist after 6 months of being with the team. This is because she was not only fantastic at her job, but she also demonstrated ambition and leadership skills. Read this stylist spotlight, if you’d like to get to know Ebony a little more! Jake and Phoebe believe in creating a culture of recognition and growth, so everyone has the chance to succeed.

Opportunities for Growth

Jake and Phoebe’s highest priority is keeping their best talent and best people. So that’s why they have developed a clear pathway for career progression. An example of this is our stylist training manual with modules for the stylists to step through. Property Styling is an industry that isn’t standardised. And so our employees have come from pathways ranging from no experience, a diploma completion or sometimes they’ve dabbled in styling their friends’ property. Our training manual provides a clear roadmap for training. And it shows what needs to be done to complete the necessary requirements for each level. The final product is a graduation project in which Phoebe assesses the stylist’s ability to communicate and confidently direct the team at a large install (large meaning more than 2 living areas, and a big enough job that requires 2 truck loads of furniture). This opportunity to become a Foxy qualified stylist is a major drive for the stylist team. And brings a sense of pride and joy once completed. All of which is a great incentive for the team!

Staff Progression: Kirsten and Sil with their Graduation Balloons

Clear Pathways to Success

Phoebe and Jake have clear pathways and boundaries that need to be met in order to level up, ensuring that Foxy employees have the tools they need to succeed and grow within the company. And these pathways mean the team leaders also have a clear understanding of what they should expect from each employee, which helps us all work towards common goals. Being committed to creating a supportive and empowering workplace where everyone has the opportunity to thrive, helps the team reach their full potential.

To learn more about Jake and Phoebe’s thoughts on providing opportunities for staff progression watch the Foxy TV Episode below!

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