September 2023

Home Staging: Appeal to a Broader Market

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Appeal to a Broader Market This week we’re going to look at how home staging and a touch of renovations can work wonders in helping your property appeal to a broader market. We’ll have a look at an example property, a 3-bedroom apartment right by the Brisbane River at Kangaroo Point. And we'll chat about some simple changes that can transform a property. Renovations 12 weeks ago we had a consultation with the owners of this property at Kangaroo Point. Phoebe noted that the carpets and older paint job significantly aged the property. [...]

June 2023

15 Questions with Fletcher | Meet Our Foxy Removalists

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This week I’m introducing you to another one of our removalists. Much like the stylist spotlight, the goal of this series is for you to get to know the Foxy team. So let’s say hi to Fletcher! Meet Fletcher! Fletcher is a Foxy removalist who’s been a part of the team since we were quite small. He’s an integral part of the business, and is part of the leadership team here. He tells it how it is, and he’s always up for a laugh. Let’s get into 15 questions with Fletcher.  [...]

April 2023

6 Things We’ve Learned in 6 Years of Foxy

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This week we’re celebrating 6 Years of Foxy and bringing you 6 things we’ve learned along the way! 1. Cash is King No doubt you’ve heard this plenty of times, but we cannot understate the importance of managing your cash as a small business. Simply put, we learned that having enough cash on hand to cover expenses is the bare minimum. And being able to fund the growth of the business is crucial. It's especially important in the early stages, while building clientele, inventory, staffing and establishing a reputation. Growth can be expensive. [...]

March 2023

7 Home Staging Tips: When Things Don’t Go to Plan

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If you’re in the business of home staging you might on the odd occasion find yourself in a sticky situation. Maybe you’re at a job and find yourself with the wrong sized sheet, or you’ve rubbed up against a wall in your black jeans. Read along for some home staging tips and tools we use to solve these little problems and maximise efficiency! Spray the Linen Wrinkles in sheets and bedding are the plight of a home stager. It’s the difference between a sleek, perfected finish or a dishevelled and [...]

Team Culture: Why it Matters and How We Cultivate it

By |2023-06-21T15:38:33+10:00March 15th, 2023|Behind The Scenes, Business of Staging, Home Staging General Interest, Home Staging Tips, Life in Real Estate|

Ever heard the saying, "teamwork makes the dream work"? Well here at Foxy, team culture is the most important part of the business! In this article I’m going to talk about why that is, and how we foster a strong team culture at Foxy. Recruiting the Right Fit For us, first and foremost it’s about who we have on board. We’re spending every day together, so making sure we have people who are positive, fun to be around and can smile through tough times is important. Obviously, this comes down to [...]

January 2022

FOXY’S MARKETING INSIGHTS: The Most Popular Content of 2021 and What We Learned from It

By |2022-01-21T13:22:16+10:00January 21st, 2022|Behind The Scenes, Business of Staging|

Can you believe it’s the end of January already? Having started 2022 with only half of the Foxy crew on board (thanks Covid!) was definitely not what we were expecting, but I’m proud to say that the team has absolutely smashed it! It would also explain why this month has totally flown by for all of us here. --- Now that we have some more hands on deck, it has given us an opportunity to pause and reflect on last year and review all the wins and lessons it brought along. While Phoebe & Jake discussed all things business-growth [...]

July 2021

Working ON vs. IN Your Home-Staging Business + 5 Tips for Finding the Right Balance

By |2021-07-15T11:47:11+10:00July 15th, 2021|Business of Staging|

One of the most difficult battles we encounter as entrepreneurs is striking the right balance between ‘working ON the business’ and ‘working IN the business’. Growth of the company should always be the primary focus, however, without cash flow from everyday operations, the company can never hope to grow. Mastering this balancing act requires tremendous amounts of focus, strong self-discipline, and unwavering patience. What is the ideal ratio? Finding the right ratio of how much time should you spend working ON vs IN your business is subjective and the answer will be different for everyone. Defining the [...]

May 2021

The 3 Pillars Behind Your Business Capacity | for Home Stagers

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Before we start… It’s important for you to take a moment and think about your own business ambitions. Where do you see your Home-Staging company in 6 months, or a year, or even five years? Depending on where you want your business to go, you may not necessarily need to increase your capacity. It’s okay to have a lifestyle business. Not every entrepreneur wants to build an empire or dominate the world. In fact, based on what we have seen, the majority of Brisbane-based home staging companies are lifestyle businesses. Content with the current size [...]

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