If you’re in the business of home staging you might on the odd occasion find yourself in a sticky situation. Maybe you’re at a job and find yourself with the wrong sized sheet, or you’ve rubbed up against a wall in your black jeans. Read along for some home staging tips and tools we use to solve these little problems and maximise efficiency!

Spray the Linen

Wrinkles in sheets and bedding are the plight of a home stager. It’s the difference between a sleek, perfected finish or a dishevelled and messy eyesore. Our little hack is to invest in a small spray bottle. Lightly spritz the linen with water, smooth the wrinkles with your hand and you will see the results instantly! We use this method to create a fresh, crease-free bed in minutes without having to create a steam sauna in the height of summer. Looking for other lifesaving tools we use? Read this article for more tools that our stylists wouldn’t leave the warehouse without.

5 Handy Tools for Home Stagers

Switch Ensemble Bases for Foldable Bed Frames

We were late to come to the party on this one, but we were easily converted once we gave them a try. The introduction of foldable bed frames into our inventory has come with many benefits:

  • They are a great space saver in the warehouse. Ensemble bases require wall space and a lot of it.
  • Equally, they are also great for increasing the capacity of the truck when loading.
  • They can be carried by one person, which conveniently frees up a set of hands at a property.
  • They aren’t heavy. This means the team can unload them onsite, and any of the stylists can position them and set them up. 
  • They are the perfect size to fit a standard valance from Target or Kmart.

Clearly, the bed frames are an incredible asset. We’re able to do more jobs in a day because they save us so much time, space and energy.

Linen Bags

We stumbled upon these beauties during a wander through the time warp that is Ikea. We now use the Dimpa bag to transport our linen, pillows, blankets, throw rugs, cushions and towels. The transparent nature of the bag makes the process of home staging just that little bit easier. We’ve eliminated tagging the bags with labels and stopped double handling.


This tool is a lifesaver when it comes to hanging art on your own and it’s now a staple in our stylists’ install boxes. The handy tool measures up the art and has a spirit level so you know once the art is hung, it’s going to be perfect every time! Watch the video next door (or below if you’re on your phone) to see the Hang-o-matic, and all the tips we’re discussing in action. 

Wrong Sized Sheets?

Sometimes, we end up at an install and we’ve got the wrong sized sheet for the bed. If you find yourself in this situation, we have a solution. Let’s say you’re styling a queen bed and you only have a double sheet. Turn the sheet sideways and wrap it at the top corners of the mattress. Then pull it halfway down the bed and tuck it in tightly – this is called short sheeting the bed. Once the covers are on the bed, no one will be able to tell the sheet isn’t covering the whole mattress, problem solved!

Magic Erasers

Another staple in our install boxes is the magic eraser. These little sponges are the best and easiest way to remove small marks from walls. Simply wet it, wring it out and gently rub the part of the wall you want to clean. Just be sure not to use too much pressure, otherwise its magic powers might degrade the paint job. 

Small Items Packed Last

This last one isn’t so much a hack, but rather a way to ensure you’re maximising efficiency. By making sure we have some smaller items at the front of the truck, the stylists can immediately help to unload and get the install moving faster. This reduces downtime and makes the installation process a lot easier and quicker! Watch this Foxy TV Episode to see how we pack a truck for home staging.

Using these tips and tricks, we’ve found the pace of our install process to be a lot faster. Saving the team time and energy, while maintaining a high output of work, it’s a win win! Try these out and see the results for yourself. 

If you have any other tips, thoughts or questions, please reach out to us on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn. We always love to hear from you!

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