If you’re a business owner with a family, you’re probably all too familiar with the juggling act of running a business while raising children (especially on school holidays). Balancing work and family time can be challenging. With 4 kids of their own, Jake and Phoebe know how tricky it can be to keep everyone happy and entertained while running a business. So in this blog, I’ll be exploring Jake and Phoebe’s thoughts on owning a business that embraces family life. When they embrace family life for themselves and the team, they create a work culture that supports and grows with everyone. 

Benefits for the Team

At Foxy, we believe in the importance of embracing family life and creating a positive work culture that supports it. There are a number of benefits in placing family values at the forefront of the company. A major one being that the team is more likely to see a future for themselves in the business. An example of this is our team member Cassie, who brings her 6-month-old baby, Max, to work with her. Cassie is one of the first stylists Phoebe hired, and is an integral part of the business. So, they welcomed her little one into the team with open arms. It also helped the team because having her back earlier than expected made a difference to how smoothly the styling team operates. And let me tell you, Max has been an absolute dream to have here! 

  • Family life in business, Cassie with her 5 month old baby in the warehouse.
  • Family life as a business, one happy baby in the stylist room while Cassie makes her selections.

Growing with the Team

Jake and Phoebe understand that as the team grows, more members will have families of their own. Or, will see that in their future. And they want to set an example of how they can embrace and support them. By showing the team that they value and prioritise family life, they foster a positive and supportive work environment. This culture encourages everyone to thrive both personally and professionally. This is shown by their ability to be flexible for the employees. Just like the team is flexible with them when Jake and Phoebe have the kids in the warehouse! Watch the video beside (or below if you’re on your phone) to see the fun we get up to when their kids are in the office. 

Prioritising Family

Phoebe and Jake understand how demanding it can be to manage their business and busy family life at the same time. Emails, phone calls, team management – it can all feel like a never-ending stream of tasks that need to be done. But despite the demands on their time, they always make it a priority to give their kids the attention they deserve, especially on school holidays. 

Benefits for the Family

They value family time and believe that having their kids be a part of our work culture helps them learn the value of hard work and teamwork. It’s amazing to see how the kids have integrated themselves into Foxy (after all they have grown up with the team!). It’s a true testament to the importance of finding balance and making time for the things that matter most. They’ve built a really strong team, so they don’t need to be physically present for every install. Which means that often either Jake or Phoebe can stay at home with the kids while the other is out working. However, when an install requires an extra set of hands, they don’t hesitate to bring the kids along. It’s a great opportunity to show them the importance of teamwork and the value of hard work. Plus, it’s always a blast (though, I’m not sure that the kids would always use that word) to have them involved! Watch this video to see some of the mischief they get up to in the warehouse. Or watch the Foxy TV Episode below to see Jake and Phoebe’s 2 older kids helping onsite. 

Take the Time

Family life as a business, Jake and Phoebe's three oldest children enjoying the pool on holidays.

As business owners, it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day demands of running a business . But Jake and Phoebe believe it’s important to make time for the family, no matter how busy things get. That’s why when it comes to school holidays, Jake and Phoebe make an effort to plan a little family getaway. Taking a break from work and spending quality time with the kids helps them recharge. While also giving them the opportunity to create memories that will last a lifetime. Not to mention, it helps the kids really enjoy their holidays and gives them a break from their usual routine. It’s all about finding that balance. And making sure their family remains a top priority, no matter how hectic their work lives may get.

Owning a small business and embracing family life can be a challenging balancing act. But by prioritising family and finding creative solutions, Jake and Phoebe are able to create a thriving business. Which fosters a happy home life for themselves, and the Foxy team. If you want to learn more about the benefits of embracing family life as a business, watch the Foxy TV Episode below. 

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