October 2021

5 Tips for Sellers to Achieve a Successful Open Home

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When you’re selling your home, a popular marketing tactic that your real estate agent may try is to host a few open homes to bring potential buyers onto your property. Now because you, the selling homeowner, won’t be around during the open house, you might feel like there’s not much you can do to contribute to a successful event. But the truth is, hosting an open house is the last step in the process AFTER all the preparations have been finalised. The Home Preparation Process FIX CLEAN [...]

March 2018

How to De Clutter Your Kitchen for Sale

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The kitchen seems to be the place where everyone stores things that aren’t particularly meant to be in the kitchen. Whether it’s your handbag, paper work or the kids have just dumped their stuff on the kitchen bench, we are all guilty of this. While you’re living there it can be practical but when selling your house, we need to de clutter.   The Fridge It’s time to take off those fridge magnets, remove photos, calendars and the pictures the kids drew at school. Have the fridge bare with nothing personal on it and give the outside a [...]

January 2018

What is a Deep Clean Anyway?

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As a home owner, you know the importance of a clean house for open homes. One of the first things buyers notice when they walk inside your home are any unappealing odours; the slightest of smells will make them think the house is dirty. So do you know what a deep clean of your home involves? In a nutshell, it means giving every nook and cranny of your home attention. Look, I have two toddlers running around my home and I know it’s not enjoyable or simple task, but if you want to sell your house for maximum dollar, it's [...]