June 2022

Cushion Do’s And Don’ts To Consider When Styling Your Furniture

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When it comes to styling beds, couches and other furniture items in your home, the addition of pillows and decorative cushions has the power to transform a space and take it from drab to fab! From patterned to solid colours, textured to plain, small to large, and square to round, cushions allow you to achieve any desired style seamlessly and without too much of an investment. In our opinion, pillows and cushions are a non-negotiable, must-have accessory to include when we stage properties or when you style your home. If you follow us on Instagram or our other social [...]

January 2022

Cost Comparison of Home Staging – DIY vs Professional

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A beautifully presented home is one of the most important aspects of your marketing strategy, with 44% of Australian Buyers admitting to having paid more for a home just because “they really liked it”. * *Click here to read “Psychology Behind Home Buying”. However, preparing a home for sale can be a costly process, leaving a limited amount of money for the staging, which makes a lot of homeowners resort to low-cost options. --- Most people assume that DIY (Do It Yourself) Home Staging is the perfect solution for selling their home on a limited budget. After all, they [...]

June 2021

DIY Home Staging in 7 Steps

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When you’re putting your house on the market, a great presentation is the key to boosting your home’s value. The question whether home-staging actually works is almost irrelevant these days, with cities like Sydney and Melbourne making professional home-staging an ingrained, non-negotiable part of the selling process. Why should you stage your home? When making a significant decision such as purchasing a house, people tend to think they are acting from a logical standpoint. Truth is, they often don’t. They buy emotionally, whether they like to admit it or not. Staging helps buyers form that necessary emotional connection by [...]

July 2017

How To Style A Magazine Worthy Kitchen Pantry

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When styling a home for sale, a lot of sellers make the mistake of concentrating on the key selling points of a home and they overlook areas that are hidden by closed doors. It still surprises me when a client hasn’t thought of styling their kitchen pantry to some degree. Now, a messy pantry won’t break a sale but styling is all about helping potential buyers fall in love with your home, so your pantry needs as much care as any other spot in the house. So, lets cover the basics of styling your kitchen pantry for sale.   Purge [...]