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Suppliers and inventory. They are two things that most of us have to deal with and I’m sure I wouldn’t be alone
when I say I spend a lot of time finding the right ones and making sure we are getting the best deal.

I get asked quite a lot about our stock; where we purchase from, what we pay, if we get wholesale prices or trade
discounts. A big part of my role is purchasing inventory….I spend a lot of time making sure I’m
spending our allocated inventory budget in the right areas and getting the best prices.

Over time I’ve gotten better at knowing where to look and the right questions to ask, but when we first started I didn’t.

It was overwhelming and I would end buying RRP (sometimes for relationship building, this isn’t a bad thing).
Some of you might think I’m crazy for giving this away…..in our industry, our suppliers and stock always seem
to been a closely kept secret, as if it gives us some sort of advantage over our competition. I’m not sure I believe
that, and even if true, I think the benefits of sharing information easily outweigh the negatives.

But on top ofthat, if you had the time you could find this information just by spending time on google, so all I’m doing is
compiling the best stuff I’ve found into one place!

In each monthly edition of the Foxy Buyers Guide you’ll find the purchases I’m most excited about this month and a few pieces on my wish list (if only the budget was unlimited!). Every piece includes pricing, supplier information (including wholesale and trade discount info where relevant), links and pictures. I also include an entire list of our favourite suppliers at the end of the email. Just to be clear – this is not a sales catalogue. None of the suppliers mentioned know I’ve included them in this list, and I get nothing in return. I am just sharing the information that would have saved me thousands of dollars and countless hours if I’d known it from the start!

I would love to know if there is anything I miss or a supplier that you would recommend. At the end of the
day, my goal is to support suppliers who take care of their trade accounts, have great shipping, acknowledge
clients who spend more than standard and have stock on hand!

Enjoy reading!