You’re probably wondering why you would need to style your pantry when selling your home. Surely no one is going to look there right? Wrong. You’d be surprised at the amount of people who will open all of your cupboards to check for storage and space. If they see your cupboards are overflowing, they are going to assume there isn’t enough storage space, this goes for the Pantry too. Rest easy, below is how to style your pantry on a budget. 

Inside the Pantry

Styling your pantry doesn’t have to be a difficult and expensive task, you may already have items in your kitchen that you can use. The main goal is that it looks neat and that it’s not overcrowded in there.


Where to begin

Start off with a de clutter, surely there are a few items past their use by date that you were unaware of. Time to get rid of them! Then start to organise food into categories (e.g. keep all canned food together on one shelf, herbs and spices together, etc). With items like flour, rice, cereals and pasta these look great stored in jars or containers, it also keeps them organised and neat. You can get these types of jars/containers from Kmart, Target or Big W for as little as $2.50.

Left over items

If you have some left over loose items (e.g: fruit or vegetables) stored away in your pantry and are unsure how you should store them, these baskets/tubs are perfect. Slide them into your pantry on your bottom shelf and that way you can keep the vegetables separated and they won’t get squashed. It is also very aesthetically pleasing! (Also available from Kmart, Target & Big W).


To add a bit of style create some space on the middle shelf to add an array of items like a chopping board, cook book, oil bottle and some greenery just to fancy up your pantry.


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